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if there’s an old, fairly big tree in the middle of your town or village, chances are someone was probably hanged from it. What a nice thought for your Monday morning.

  • Wake up at 10am
  • Drink a cup of normal tea and a cup of green tea
  • Have a shower and get dressed 
  • Play on Rome Total War
  • Have lunch
  • Watch three films and possibly a season of a TV show
  • Have dinner
  • Laugh at people on Facebook
  • Have a bath 
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

(Baby Guinea Pig by ABilro)

This song makes Donnie Darko 999x better

(Source: sweetcribs, via oldmansea)

Got myself a new coat

This is very much how tea should be done. Welcome to Fortnum and Mason.
If you think you’ve had a burger before, you’ve not had a burger before Five Guys Burgers and Fries
A rather rainy O2 arena from the Emirates Cable Car thing, very nice

Jamie’s Classic Cocktails | Frozen Margarita


This actually gives a really good honest view of my Uni for once

Will definitely be recreating this for a future placement.

Will definitely be recreating this for a future placement.